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Western Michigan Bulldog Club 
Put together by WMBC club members and filed with the AKC


 These guidelines are presented with the purpose giving our members and potential members understanding and basis for what we the members of the WMBC have set as good standards for representation of this club and this breed. The purpose of the Western Michigan Bulldog Club is to encourage our members to adhere to these guidelines as they strive to accomplish the Club’s goals and tenets of our Constitution.


In keeping with my membership in the Western Michigan Bulldog Club and my dedication to its stated purposes, I hereby pledge to adhere to the following practices: 

  1. I will abide by the rules and remain in good standing with the AKC, BCA and the WMBC and these guidelines.
  2. To become educated in the fundamentals and care of owning, breeding and exhibiting.
  3. While attending an exhibition, I promise to practice the principles of good sportsmanship towards judges, other exhibitors, their dogs as well as my own. Slander at any time, is prohibited.
  4. To understand the basic laws of genetics and the standard of my breed(s) and the difference between correct and incorrect before deciding or attempting to breed.
  5. At no time will the breeding of my dogs, ever be used as a business or as a supplemental income.
  6. To plan each litter based on the parent’s appropriate temperament, health, and qualities in relation to the official breed standard.
  7. To understand the genetic diseases most prevalent in my breed before breeding a litter. To breed carefully to minimize the possibility of genetic disease in resulting puppies. To fully and honestly disclose genetic information about the parents and all puppies.
  8. To make no surgical/cosmetic correction prohibited by the AKC or the breed standard if exhibited.
  9. I recognize that puppies may not be readily placed in appropriate homes until at least 9 weeks of age (10-12 weeks preferably); and I will plan accordingly. With each pup receiving a minimum of 1-2 immunizations prior to the placement. And agree to the return of the dog if at anytime the placement isn’t working out.
  10. To register all breeding stock with the AKC and to keep accurate records of all matings, litters, pedigrees and sales.
  11. To use written agreements for all breeding and sales transactions. To provide at least a three generation pedigree to the buyer and appropriate AKC registration papers. Also promising to educate buyer with recommendations for feeding, care, inoculations, etc. and make sure the buyer has proper knowledge to care for and contain the dog.
  12. Puppies not suitable for exhibiting are to be sold on limited registration and with contract to include a spay/neuter clause when puppy is of proper age. And older dogs are spayed/neutered prior to placement.
  13. To guarantee the health of any dog sold subject to a veterinarian’s examination within three (3) days of sale.
  14. To insure that puppies or adults are never knowingly sold or consigned to pet stores, wholesalers, or commercial dealers. To not knowingly supply dogs for raffles, giveaways, prizes, or other such projects.
  15. To insure that all dogs in my care are provided adequate food, water, shelter, medical care, training, grooming, and companionship. To exhibit only healthy animals.
  16. To be an enthusiastic contributor to the Western Michigan Bulldog Club in terms of meeting attendance, working at shows and events, etc.


This statement expresses our regard for pure-bred bulldog and their welfare; and contains the standards set forth and endorsed by WMBC members - experienced breeders and devoted fanciers. Failure to follow these rules can be the basis for refusal of membership or the removal of membership.

WMBC revised 8/12/06 

....For the betterment and love of the breed!